• Sunday, May 15, 2022

Dear Reader,

surely you have asked yourself where we host your data. Is it scattered all over the net, maybe even abroad, who has access to it? These questions arise especially when you start storing your confidential data on the net. Unfortunately, this question cannot really be answered reasonably in general, because many providers now cooperate with other companies in a comprehensive and transparent manner, distribute the necessary infra structure across the globe for cost reasons and allow a large number of people to access their sensitive data.

To provide our customers with maximum security, your data is hosted in our own data center. No one else has access to your sensitive data, except our own employees, around the clock. We do not give away your data, neither through cooperation nor through questionable marketing measures.

If you want to host your data with us or maybe you are already a customer of ours, then you can be absolutely sure about one circumstance: only you know that your data is with us - and the people to whom you have entrusted this secret.

Have a nice rest of Sunday
your team from Net-Build