• Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Our pride and joy in the heart of Saarland - the high-tech data center. With 320 rack units and space for over 12,000 servers as well as modern security equipment, our data center is equipped for all eventualities. Several fire compartments, state-of-the-art extinguishing gas systems, emergency and backup power supply as well as several separate power connections to the medium-voltage grid ensure a high level of security and redundancy.

The Saarland as a location

Until now, many operators of IT equipment in the Saarland have been tied to far-away data center providers. This not only increases the costs of operating their own IT infrastructures, but also raises the frustration of administrative staff to unimaginable heights. It is not uncommon for operators and their staff to have to travel hundreds of kilometers to repair hardware and IT structure failures.


The entire building was thermally insulated to prevent the penetration of summer temperatures. This construction is designed to withstand a direct impact with a vehicle. This not only saves a high level of energy costs, but also helps to save very high amounts of CO2. The entire site has been fenced off and can only be accessed via a massive automatic gate system. On the site itself there are sufficient parking spaces, so that arriving with several vehicles is no problem.


To ensure that our visitors do not have to travel too far, we have chosen a central location with very good highway connections. Located close to the A8, you can reach our data center very quickly via the expressway leading away from it. With only a 15-minute drive from the state capital of Saarbrücken, our data center is not only an alternative for Saarland companies and private individuals, but also for a large number of interested parties from the neighboring federal states and neighboring countries.

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