• Sunday, May 1, 2022

Dear customers,

since the beginning of the year we have started to migrate all systems that were delivered with Easyklix to a new web management interface. Easyklix has now served us faithfully for almost 25 years, but unfortunately we had to learn to accept that our focus in the company has shifted somewhat. With the introduction of our own connections, our own data center, new office building and new technology, we have realized that we can no longer devote the care and time to Easyklix (1 & 2) that would be necessary.

Therefore we decided to use Plesk in the future. At this point, Plesk offers many features that customers had been asking for for a long time. Automatic Wordpress installations, website builders, multi-user capability and many other features made the decision easy for us to make a switch from Easyklix to Plesk.

New customers are set up directly on platforms with Plesk and customers who would like to switch to Plesk, we are of course happy to help them migrate their projects to the new platform. These platforms are almost completely automatically and constantly updated.

If you have any questions or even the interest to switch to the new platform, do not hesitate to contact us. We will try to answer all your questions as detailed as possible and together we will make a switch.

Best regards
Your team from Net-Build