If your previous provider has returned the domain to DENIC and you still want to transfer the domain to us, there are two ways to make the transfer successful:

Option #1:

If you have received a letter including a brochure from DENIC, you can use it to access DENIC's transit pages. After successful login you can enter the DENIC member to whom the domain should be transferred (as described in the brochure). In our case, please enter Net-Build GmbH.

Option #2:

If you have not yet received the letter from DENIC, you can fax a completed and signed Provider Change Letter (the appropriate forms are available for download in the Customer Area under the menu item Support --> Downloads) directly to DENIC. The fax number is +49 69 27235-238.

If you have further questions, please contact us via e-mail at domain@netbuild.net or simply use the contact form in the customer area.

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