As a matter of course! Our data center is monitored around the clock. This includes all electronic and mechanical devices. We monitor the following installations via a monitoring system:

  • Air conditioning units, temperatures and air flows
  • Emergency power units and generators transformers
  • UPS systems, their charging voltage and condition
  • all batteries, battery blocks (internal resistance, charging current & capacity)
  • any doors and access points
  • air quality (temperature, humidity and pollutants)
  • all main distribution boards, sub-distribution boards, fuses and PDU's
  • Fill level of the tank systems as well as the operational readiness of the emergency power system
  • condition of the medium voltage feeders

We also monitor access by persons via our modern camera system, consisting of more than 24 camera systems, which records around the clock. A burglar alarm system reports breaches caused by unauthorized access and notifies a 24-hour on-call service.

Furthermore, we monitor the data center for water ingress, infestation by rodents or other foreign bodies with an ultrasonic monitoring system in the raised floor and other important installations (e.g. emergency power generators).

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