A perfect fit for everyone

We offer you Plesk in three different editions for different purposes.

Web Admin Edition

The Web Admin Edition is primarily intended for website operators and their administrators. It allows you to easily manage up to 10 domains, but does not offer customer and reseller account management.

Web Pro Edition

The Web Pro Edition is aimed at web developers and designers and offers the option of managing up to 30 domains and assigning them to individual customer accounts. You can also create web hosting packages and sell them to your customers.

Web Host Edition

The Web Host Edition is the ideal start for companies and businesses that want to get into the web hosting business. It allows you to manage an unlimited number of domains and distribute your own web hosting and reseller packages.
Billing Cycle

Virtual Root Server PLESK Web Admin

63,95 € Save  10 %
Starting from 57,58 Monthly
4 to 16 cores 8 to 32 GB RAM 300 GB to 1 TB NVME storage PLESK Web Admin Edition

Virtual Root Server PLESK Web Pro

71,95 € Save  10 %
Starting from 64,83 Monthly
4 to 16 cores 8 to 32 GB RAM 300 GB to 1 TB NVME storage PLESK Web Pro Edition

Virtual Root Server PLESK Web Host

88,95 € Save  27 %
Starting from 64,83 Monthly
4 à 16 coeurs 8 à 32 GB RAM 300 GB à 1 TB NVME stockage PLESK Web Host Edition
Sofort starten und loslegen

Sekundenschnell eingerichtet

Sobald Deine Bestellung eingegangen und Du die Rechnung per PayPal oder Kreditkarte beglichen hast, wird Dein Server innerhalb weniger Sekunden automatisch eingerichtet und Du kannst sofort loslegen. Über unsere Schnittstelle kannst Du Deinen Server neu installieren, neu starten, das Passwort und den Hostnamen ändern oder einfach über die interne Konsole zugreifen.
Sekundenschnell eingerichtet

Success with Plesk

Plesk is the ideal interface to manage your web hosting package or to create and offer packages yourself as a reseller. The numerous functions do almost all the work for you.


Add domains and subdomains yourself or move them between your subscriptions. You have full control over the DNS settings of each domain.


With just a few mouse clicks, you can set up e-mail accounts, configure SPAM and virus filters and set your own vacation notifications.


MySQL or Postgres databases? Both are possible! Databases are created in just a few seconds and are ready to use just as quickly. They are managed via the popular phpMyAdmin.

File manager

You can easily manage your files using the file manager integrated in Plesk. It is not a problem if you do not have an FTP/sFTP program to hand.


Within Plesk, you can install a wide range of applications with just one click. These include the popular blogging software Wordpress.


Backups and their restoration are child's play with Plesk. You decide whether everything should be backed up or just individual areas.

Multi-user capable

Even if you want to work with several people, this is no problem for Plesk, because Plesk is multi-user capable. Set up as many accounts as you like and assign them the appropriate rights.


Plesk supports the latest technologies in the fight against annoying SPAM messages. This means that you can read your important messages in peace without stumbling across annoying SPAM.

Scheduled tasks

Cronjobs are no problem for Plesk. You simply select the appropriate script via the interface, set the execution time and save - it couldn't be easier.

Do you still have questions?

If you have any questions while browsing, please write or call us. We will be happy to advise you and answer any questions you may have. Our sales department is always available for you via ticket system or telephone during business hours.