All web hosting packages that you can book with us are equipped with the modern and versatile Plesk configuration interface. This means that managing your domains, FTP accounts, MySQL databases and e-mail addresses is no longer a problem at all.

We are an authorized Plesk partner

We are an official and authorized Plesk partner. We can provide you with first-hand licenses for the popular administration interface at reasonable prices.
We are an authorized Plesk partner

An incredible number of options

Whether you want to set up your FTP users, activate new e-mail addresses or set up a new WordPress - Plesk does the work for you in a matter of seconds. All processes are carried out in real time, making the administration of your web hosting package child's play.

IPv6 ready

IPv4 addresses are scarce and so the successor has been ready for some time. With us, you are immediately IPv6 ready and therefore ideally equipped for the next generation network. Of course, we can also provide you with a dedicated IPv4 or IPv6 address if you need one. Just write to us, we will be happy to help you.

Fast hosting

All our hosting packages are hosted on a high-availability cluster consisting of more than 40 server nodes. Your data is of course hosted on high-availability object storage so that even a hard disk failure cannot become a problem. To ensure that the data is always delivered quickly, an NVMe cache works transparently between the server and storage nodes.

Unwanted advertising?

<p>SPAM is an annoying problem because you often have to sort out a lot of messages before you get to the quality messages from your contacts.Our systems therefore work with the latest technologies.DKIM, DMARC, SPF entries, virus protection or spam filters - everything is on board with us and the spam filter is automatically trained via the spam folder in your mailbox - cool, isn&#039;t it?<br></p>

Automatic Wordpress installation

Installing Wordpress can sometimes be a nerve-wracking process for inexperienced users.With us, you don't have to worry about that.With one click in our administration interface, you can install Wordpress completely automatically. You don't have to create databases, upload installation files or adjust configuration files. But it gets even better, because Plesk can automatically keep your WordPress installation up to date.

Web application firewall

Unfortunately, the Internet is also a place where sinister characters hang around and constantly try to infiltrate or attack customers' websites. To prevent this from happening, all our packages include a web application firewall.This automatically and effortlessly detects intrusion attempts, SQL injections, backdoor attacks and much more.

File manager

Sometimes you are on the road and still want to change a few things on your website or upload new files. The file manager gives you access to your data from anywhere.You can upload, download, edit, rename or even compress and archive files. Working with our file manager makes managing your data even easier.

Can be upgraded at any time

You can upgrade your web hosting package at any time if you run out of databases or storage space.With us, you can upgrade your web hosting package to the next larger package at any time without having to pay any setup fees or one-off payments again.

Let's Encrypt certificates

You don't want to use expensive certificates or it's not interesting for you in terms of price?For a small monthly surcharge, you can equip all your domains with free Let's Encrypt certificates and make your website a little more interesting and secure for your visitors.

DNS records

With Plesk, you can easily manage your DNS entries yourself. You can create new entries, edit them, delete them or even reset them if you make a mistake. With our DNS Manager, you have almost complete control over your DNS zones around the clock.

Just give Plesk a try

Surely you would like to try out Plesk. We will be happy to set up a time-limited test account for you so that you can test our administration interface extensively. Of course, you can also book Plesk for all our root and managed servers. Simply write to us using our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.