Passend für alle Server

Mit unseren "Full size"-Racks und einer Bautiefe von 1,20 m sind wir bestens für Deine Hardware vorbereitet und es ist ausreichend Platz vorhanden, um auch aufwendigere Einbauten vornehmen zu können. Das Kalt-/Warmgang-Prinzip kühlt Deine Server mit ausreichend kalter Luft und sorgt so dafür, dass kein Hitzetod eintritt. Angeschlossen an zwei vollkommen unterschiedliche Stromkreise, bleibt auch die Spannung zum Stromnetz konstant vorhanden.
Billing Cycle


49,00 € Save  7 %
Starting from 45,75 Monthly
Rackspace up to 2 U Traffic 100 to 1,000 Mbit/s Power incl. up to 200 watts PDUs A+B each C13 IPv4 addresses /29 subnet IPv6 addresses /64 subnet
Full rack

Full rack

329,00 € Save  10 %
Starting from 296,08 Monthly
Rackspace 42 U Traffic 100 to 1,000 Mbit/s Power up to 3,000 W (redundant) PDUs A+B 18x C13 each IPv4 addresses /27 subnet IPv6 addresses /64 subnet

Regularly checked!

Redundant 10 kV power supply

Redundant 10 kV and ring-connected power supply up to high-voltage level through the nearby substation. Constant, high-quality electricity at one of the safest energy crossroads in Germany.

Redundant emergency power supply

We leave nothing to chance. All emergency power generators and UPS systems are designed with redundancy and generate highly available power even in an emergency.

TIER IV electrical engineering standards

All power supply lines, distribution boards and connections comply with the TIER IV standard and are routed redundantly through all systems in the data centre. The TIER IV standard corresponds to the highest standard for data centres.

Novec 1230™ extinguishing gas system

Safety for your systems, even in the event of fire. NOVEC 1230™ is a non-corrosive, non-electrically conductive and non-toxic extinguishing gas. In the event of a fire, there is no risk to your systems or data.

Everything you need inside!

Many of our services are already included in the price, because for us service is not a necessary evil, but a matter of course. Would you like to see for yourself? Just give us a call or write to us - we'll be happy to advise you.

Green datacenter

With state-of-the-art air conditioning, we currently achieve a PUE of less than 1.06. This not only actively protects the environment, but also our customers' wallets.

Web bar and lounge

Nothing is more annoying than having to work in noisy server rooms. Not with us! Work in our web bar, with drinks that are always chilled, or use our kitchen if it takes longer.

WLAN throughout the data center

You have access to our guest WLAN throughout our data center. We can also install your own WLAN on request.

Switchable PDUs

All racks are equipped with switchable PDUs and can be operated by our Network Operation Center. No more nightly call-outs for a crashed server.

Current evaluation

You can view the utilization of your entire rack at any time via our Network Operation Center and, of course, determine all meter readings.

24/7 autonomous access

So that you can respond to all cases, you always have autonomous access to our data centers around the clock.

Independent security areas

Independent security and access areas provide more control over access and protect your data from unauthorized access.

24/7 video surveillance

All actions are recorded around the clock on the entire data center site and within the building.

Rentable office space

By renting office space, you can create workstations on site or have a secure storage facility for your hardware.

Not convinced yet?

Do you have any questions about our services, do you need help, do you need a special solution or would you like to take a look at our data centre in the heart of Saarland? Then send us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.