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Set up in just a few seconds

As soon as your order has been received and you have paid the invoice via PayPal or credit card, your server will be set up automatically within a few seconds and you can get started right away. You can use our interface to reinstall your server, restart it, change the password and hostname or simply access it via the internal console.
Set up in just a few seconds

Be your own master!

Do you like administering your servers yourself? Would you like to install and test software yourself? We can fully understand that, because administering servers is not only fun, it also gives you a deep insight into the inner workings of an operating system. Get started with your own root server today.
Billing Cycle

Virtual Root Server Expert

47,95 € Save  10 %
Starting from 43,16 Monthly
4 cores 8 GB RAM 300 GB NVME storage

Virtual Root Server Professional

87,95 € Save  10 %
Starting from 79,16 Monthly
8 cores 16 GB RAM 400 GB NVME storage

Virtual Root Server Performance

159,95 € Save  10 %
Starting from 144,00 Monthly
16 cores 32 GB RAM 500 GB NVME storage

A virtual server that feels like a real server.

Our virtual servers are almost indistinguishable from a dedicated server. We use state-of-the-art hardware for virtualization. Up-to-date processors, ultra-fast main memory and high-performance NVME storage ensure that your server does not give up under load. There is also a whole host of other services.

NVME memory

We rely exclusively on hyperconverged infrastructure and storage. Traditional hard disks quickly reach their limits, while NVME devices have a much higher data throughput. Your data is distributed redundantly across all NVME devices or storages, which in turn increases data throughput.


The main memory of a server is sometimes just as important as the CPU or storage. Fast RAM modules are the only way to ensure that data from processes and services reach the CPU quickly. We make no compromises for our virtualization solutions and only use the latest brand hardware.


We rely on the AMD product range for our processors. Only the latest EPYC processors are used in our virtualization hardware. These achieve more performance at a lower price than comparable competitors in the processor market.


If something does not work as desired, our support is available around the clock via our ticket system. You can reach our IT professionals by phone during business hours. If you have concluded a corresponding SLA agreement with us, our emergency hotline is also available for you if necessary.

Not convinced yet?

Do you have any questions about our services, do you need help, do you need a special solution or would you like to take a look at our data centre in the heart of Saarland? Then send us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.