Yesterday, today, tomorrow

In almost 25 years of company history, many stories, countless anecdotes and a lot of experience accumulate, which moves a company to develop, but also to grow or to change its orientation in the market. We have mastered countless challenges over many years and are proud to still be able to welcome our customers and help them realize their projects. It doesn't matter what was yesterday or what could be tomorrow - what matters is today and that our customers are satisfied.

Net-Build office building

We are often asked how the company came to be or who the creative people behind the company are, but let's start at the beginning. It all started in November 1999 with the idea of how we could provide people with a service that, up until that point, had been prohibitively expensive for very many people. Domains were about as expensive as a year's membership in a gym and the associated storage was even more expensive. In addition, the servers were often connected abroad.

However, the location abroad did not yet play such an overriding role as it does today because of data protection - rather, the loading times of a website were in the foreground, which were very poor due to the very poor Internet connections to the United States at the time. In order to provide as many people as possible with their own website at a reasonable price and to earn some money with this hobby, the idea of self-employment was born.

Who are you guys anyway?

We are Patrick Bohn and Maik Hausknecht - two people who have made their hobby and their fable for computer systems, telecommunications and data centers their profession. While we were resellers of web hosting products ourselves in our early days, we knew from the very beginning that good customer service can only happen when you make your own products and services.

So we started to buy our own servers, put them in data centers and rent them out. And because this was very well received by customers, our company continued to grow and the number of servers increased. Of course, this also had its disadvantages, because when something got stuck, we often had to travel long distances on the road to be able to fix the problem. This, you could say, gave rise to the desire for a data center of one's own.

While in the back of your mind you have the dream of your own office and your own computer center, you still have to keep the day-to-day business running. For example, you prepare quotations, take care of customers' problems and make sure that the computer systems are always running without interruption. While one often wishes that the day had more than 24 hours, challenges and tasks arise for which one actually cannot spare any more time.

With the construction of our new office building in 2014 and the construction of our data center in 2016, the peak of workload was then reached and the physical strain was so high that only ice packs, strokes and lots of wound plasters helped - the price of taking on various jobs on the construction sites.

Even if the tasks sometimes bring a person to the end of his physical strength, there are few more beautiful emotions than when the project takes shape at the end and is rewarded with a great sight. If one or the other visitor, customer or prospective customer still has a few words of praise left, then one realizes that all the effort was worth it and is happy about the work done.

What about today and where will the journey go?

Today - that's almost 25 years later - we serve a large number of customers, own our own data center in the heart of Saarland and are responsible for keeping a variety of services running on a daily basis. In detail, this means that we need a large supply of coffee to be able to face the challenges every day anew.

In this great span of time, the Internet has changed a lot and it will continue to evolve. New technologies are emerging almost daily and every week new products are coming to the people, which two decades ago could only be seen in good science fiction movies. We will therefore not be able to answer you where the journey will go - but is that so important? More important are the people that the Internet connects with each other and this over distances that were not thought possible at the time. What is more important is that we can be proud of something. We are proud that many of our customers have been with us since the beginning of Net-Build - we thank you very much for that :)

Best Regards
Patrick Bohn and Maik Hausknecht