Having trouble setting up your mailbox or can't find an error and don't know what to do? With Rustdesk, you can work with our support team and find the error together.

Teamviewer alternative

Rustdesk is a free alternative for the Teamviewer program. With Rustdesk, you can give our support team access to your device and work with them to solve the problem. Unlike the Teamviewer program, no one can gain access to the transfer data and is therefore a secure and free alternative.


Rustdesk is fast and very easy to use. Rustdesk establishes connections in seconds and you can start working immediately. Due to effective compression, the bandwidth of your Internet connection is not heavily loaded and is therefore also ideal for customers who only have a slow Internet connection.


Rustdesk is hosted by us and therefore you can be sure that the communication between your computer and that of our employees will not end up in any foreign data centers and be spied on. Furthermore, the communication of the clients with the server is encrypted and so no one can intercept any data.

Multiple operating systems

Rustdesk supports almost all operating systems and portable devices. This allows us to help you with a wide range of problems that may arise. This is especially interesting for customers who have little experience in setting up our services.

How do I get Rustdesk?

We make the software available to our customers in our download area. Instructions on how to install Rustdesk on your device can be found in our knowledge base.